In memory of their sacrifice let us now begin the assault to retake Canada

“Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite..It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system-ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.’

The Part of General Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address you haven”t heard

On this June morning 75 years ago the mostly teenage members of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces bobbed like flotsam on the cold currents of the English Channel. In moments they would begin the final assault on the soldiers of the corporate backed Nazi Ideology. 90% percent would not live the morning unscathed. One Officer I spoke to who landed at 20 years old with the Winnipeg Rifles recounted that on reaching a seawall 50 meters up Juno beach he turned back and saw his men prostrate across the sand. He screamed himself blue exhorting them to move forward, until he realized he alone had survived the desperate dash. Today a traitor will stand over the place of their sacrifice and represent their country. Justin Trudeau will no doubt mouth empty platitudes to their courage because he has to. They will be empty because he and his fellow Elite ideologues,direct philosophical descendants of the corporate funded Nazi’s, have been working hard to destroy the ideals of human equality they fought for.

The forces of a global Elite have been conducting an assault on the democracies of the West. They have dressed it in the language of “Inclusion” and “Tolerance” all the while preaching collective race guilt  and ever increasing division. These are the same Elites that financed Eugenics and the Nazi Party.  They have used unlimited financial resources to inject and legitimize their dark ideologies in our Educational systems. They then used brutal suppression of dissent and complete control of the media to enforce their dogma upon our society. Like their Nazi fore-bearers they are using our children as ideological pawns. Every day in our schools a dark anti-human ideology is being force fed to the most defenseless and impressionable members of our society. Children are encouraged to rebel against their families, societies and their own biological realities in the name of the mandated ideological reality. If their parents object the power of the state is used against them. All in the name of social justice.

They have been successful as a result of our fundamental failure as citizens. We have squandered the gift we were given.  It is each and every one of us who have failed utterly to hold high the torch of human advancement our fathers threw us from failing hands. We would rather take selfies. We live everyday in the most advanced societies the human species has ever produced. Yet we as citizens long ago surrendered wholesale our participation in our governance systems . We allowed the experts to take care of it. Its all to much bother. Most of us are not members of the political party we profess allegiance to. We have no idea how our legal system works and pay no attention when it changes. We long ago stopped attending community meetings and running for school boards. We let our televisions tell us what we should think. We don’t engage with our communities We don’t even exercise the fundamental right to vote that our soldiers bled out for on Juno beach. We cant put down he remote.

Like their Nazi forebears were dug into the coasts of France so the new Fascist warriors of the “woke” are embedded in our Educational, Legal, and , Bureaucratic systems. It will not be enough to vote the Liberal Party out of office their ideological brethren inhabit every level of our state and societal systems. These people must be torn from our body politic, ripped from our systems of governance. We must use the Legal and political tools the generation that stormed those beaches built in this country when they returned to locate, fix, and utterly defeat this dark ideology.

Our nation our society and our children’s future is at risk. Progress and free thought are in peril. The dark clouds gather on the horizon threatening the light of a free humanity. What will we do? Will we retreat in fear and confusion? Will we quietly allow these dark ideologies to destroy this country and shape the world of our children?  Or will we assault its apostles directly and fearlessly giving no quarter till it, like its ideological fore-bearer is wiped from the earth and they are in chains.

If we wish to honor the sacrifice made this day, and hold on to the human freedom they fought for and to the incredible advances we have made since,then we need to fearlessly pick up the torch they threw us and hold it high in absolute defiance for all the world to see.

William Ray

In Memory of my Father

Lawrence Ray; Royal Regiment Canadian Artillery 39-45

and his Brother

William Ray; Royal Canadian Air Force 39-45