Canada has utterly Broken Faith with its Fallen and made their Sacrifice Meaningless


As the 100th remembrance day ceremony approaches the brutal truth is that we as a country have betrayed everything our forebears fought and died for.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 12.14.27 PMOur fore bearers left their farms and shops and stunned the world with the incredible feats they performed in the defense of basic freedom. They faced untold hardship and terror to provide us with the opportunity to build the most inclusive multicultural state the world had ever seen.

We have disgraced their sacrifice by willfully surrendering our basic freedoms and selling the nation they built and fought for to the moral and philosophical descendants of the dark forces they defeated. We have proven utterly unworthy of their sacrifice.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.45.04 AM.pngWe have surrendered the freedom to think and speak freely. We have surrendered our right to democratically elect governments. We have allowed the barbaric forces they fought so valiantly not only into our gates but in fact elected the philosophical descendants, and in at least one case the physical descendant, of the Nazi regime as our government.

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My fathers generation halted the fascist juggernaut in the skies of Britain, stormed the beaches of Normandy and freed the continent of Europe. We have surrendered virtually everything they struggled for without a shot being fired because we are afraid of social shaming on Facebook.

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Canadian Soldiers embark under intense fire Juno Beach, Normandy June 6th 1944

We have allowed the basic principles of our parliamentary democracy and justice system to be threatened to protect the corporate backers of a government who’s every pronouncement is a denigration of the incredible society our ancestors built.

We have allowed our children to be ruthlessly ideologically programed to ignore even the basic reality of their perceptions in favor of government improved dogma. Once our children have been instructed to ignore their parents, and even what they see with their own eyes in favor of government dogma any hope of future freedom is gone.

We allow and encourage the practices of a brutal dark age religion over our law and custom, and brutally punish anyone who objects.

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Trudeau Government secretly moved thousands of these war criminals to Canada

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We will soon allow the proud colors of our regiments that have been soaked in blood advancing the cause of freedom to be hoisted beside those of the brutal oppressors of the Chinese communist regime to be used as propaganda by Beijing

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We have allowed the most basic freedoms and protections to be removed from women and girls, their very identity turned into a costume to be worn at will.

We have allowed absolute government control of the Press

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We have allowed race based law to be introduced and enacted.

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We allow the goverment to regulate our speech and even perception of those around us, in fact we encourage it.

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We have failed their memory and we have failed our children. Their sacrifice in the end meant nothing. When we gather this November 11th our heads should be held in shame nothing but shame for we have failed utterly to protect and extend the promise they bought with their lives. We are unworthy entirely of their sacrifice and with every day that passes we, through our inaction, demonstrate that fact.

William Ray

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The author in Croatia

My father Larry Ray and his brother William, the man who’s name I bear, joined the Canadian Forces October 15th 1939. Grand dad wouldn’t let them go till the harvest was in. William fought with the RCAF in the Battle of Britain and provided air cover for dad when he was bobbing in a little boat off the coast of France The first of my mothers ancestors, Samuel Steele, arrived here in 1758 and defeated the French on the plains of Abraham. He did well in battle and was made a Colonel and military adjacent to the Lord Amherst first governor of Québec. His nephew Elm Steele arrived to occupy land granted him by the crown for his service as a ships surgeon aboard the HMS Victory, flagship of Lord Nelson when he sailed against the Spanish off the cape of Trafalgar. He had a family here and named his oldest son after his nephew Samuel. That man would become Maj General Sir Samuel Bennfeild Steele who, among other things, led the first Canadian contingent to France in 1914 on those famous 13 ocean liners. I fought with the 2PPCLI Battle Group in Medak Croatia in 1993 to halt ethnic cleansing winning the governor Generals Commendation for Bravery. And all of that was for ansolutely nothing.

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