The Concordia Film Festival Streams on Twitch

47th Edition of Festival Moves Online to Celebrate Students’ Work

‘Tender Hearts’ is one of the films featured in the 47th edition of the Concordia Film Festival. Courtesy Juliette Mazza

At the end of every school year Concordia finds itself teeming with art exhibitions, installments, and screenings, the school coming alive to host the numerous projects of its graduating students.

The Concordia Film Festival is one of many events occurring at the end of the winter semester—or at least it should have been. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the film festival’s 47th edition was put on indefinite hold.

“We decided pretty late that we actually wanted to do the online festival,” said Mélissa Rousseau, one of the CFF’s co-directors. She and Juan Ospina, the festival’s other co-director, considered skipping the event altogether.

“We still wanted to [pay] homage [to] all the work done by the students, especially the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema students,” Rousseau said.

Due to the studios being closed, the majority of the film production students have not been able to finish their films—their year-long efforts forcefully halted.

Rousseau encouraged students to submit their projects even if they weren’t perfect.

“There is some great content there,” said Juliette Mazza, the festival’s communications manager. “Everyone is exhausted of their Netflix at this point. We want to bring some films to people at home, wherever they are.”

This year’s festival will also feature a lot more categories than years prior. Mazza mentioned that the ‘Experimental’ category will feature a lot of films that will diversify the CCF’s content and distinguish it from other film festivals.

Even though the physical version of the CFF has been an important part of the university’s culture, “one major quality of having it online,” said Rousseau, is that many international students who submit their work will actually be able to see their films being showcased.

“For the past few years, we’ve had the Student International Competition, which this year is called ‘Spotlight.’ This is the first year that these students who send their films, coming from India or Russia, they can actually see their films online,” said Rousseau.

‘The Mother’s Land’ is another film showcased in the festival. Courtesy Juliette Mazza